Conservation Partners connecting working lands conservation from the Gulf of Mexico to the High Plains with the vision of a sustainable landscape of natural resources resilient to the threats and stressors associated with our changing world.

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Conservation Coordinator 

Gregg Elliott

Gregg Elliott
Title: Communications
Phone: 901-385-1293

Gregg began providing communications support to the GCP LCC in 2015.  Gregg has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and an MA in Science Policy and has worked in conservation for more than 20 years.  Her broad experience in land management/habitat restoration, funding and grant development, and science policy combined with writing and outreach experience led her to start her conservation communications business in 2009 (K Gregg Consulting).  Gregg's niche is to provide a wide range of support for communications, including strategic communications planning, outreach/marketing via e-news, and development of content such as articles, white papers, annual reports.  She is an experienced interviewer and runs webinars highlighting the conservation work of the LCCs.  Gregg also provides communications support to the GCPO LCC.