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2016 JFSP Research Funding Opportunity open to Nov 13, 2015

Date: 09/17/15

2016 JFSP Research Funding Opportunity Solicitation is Now Open

 Open:   September 11, 2015

 Closes:  November 13, 2015 (Friday at 5 PM Mountain Standard Time)

 The primary funding opportunity notice (FA-FON0016-0001) includes the following 8 task statements:

1.      Implications of changing ecosystems in selected regions
2.      Social and regulatory barriers and facilitators to implementing prescribed fire
3.      Maintenance and restoration of sagebrush habitat in the Great Basin
4.      Effects of fire on tree mortality
5.      Post-fire landscape management
6.      Regional needs - Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientist: Season of prescribed burning to reach management objectives
7.      Regional needs - Oak Woodlands and Forests Fire Consortium: Prescribed fire effects on wood products
8.      Regional needs - Southern Fire Exchange: Prescribed fire smoke emissions

The Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) Award primary funding opportunity notice (FA-FON0016-0002) includes the following task statement and must directly relate to the mission and goals of JFSP by addressing one of the following topics:

Climate change and fire (e.g., fire behavior, fire effects, fire regime)
Post-fire recovery (e.g., effects of burn severity, treatment effectiveness)
Smoke or emissions assessments
Fire weather
Social issues and fire (e.g., community preparation, transfer and use of science,  public perceptions, fire-adapted communities)

Proposals on other GRIN topics will not be reviewed.

The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) is interested in sponsoring projects that explore and better define the concept of resilient landscapes, especially considering changing climates. This funding opportunity notice (FA-FON0016-0003) includes one task statement.

New Science Initiative - Ecological and social dimensions of resilient landscapes
    The Fire and Smoke Model Evaluation Experiment (FASMEE) is to provide observational data necessary to evaluate and advance operationally used fire and smoke modeling systems and their underlying scientific understanding.  This funding opportunity notice (FA-FON0016-0004) includes the following 5 task statements:

1.         Fuels and consumption
2.         Fire behavior and energy
3.         Plume development and meteorology
4.         Smoke emissions, chemistry, and transport
5.         Modeling leads

Visit and look for Funding Opportunity Notices (FONS) in the upper left rotating panels. Click on View and apply.

For an in-depth examination of both the primary and GRIN funding opportunities, please go to:

Administrative questions should be addressed to Becky Jenison (208) 387 5958 (

Task statement questions should be addressed to John Cissel at (208) 387 5349 ( or Ed Brunson at (208) 387 5975 (