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3 NFWF Monarch Butterfly Conservation Grants in Texas

Date: 08/24/16

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) today announced on August 23, 2016 more than $3 million in grants from its Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund (MBCF). The 22 grants will support the restoration of approximately 16,000 acres of habitat in areas identified by experts as key to the recovery of monarch butterfly populations.   The projects address the three key strategies for the monarch butterfly: 1) habitat restoration, 2) coordination and capacity building, and 3) seed supply and availability

The Gulf Coast Prairie region received 4 grants, three habitat restoration grants in Texas and one capacity-building grant to establish a Central Flyway Monarch Conservation Strategy.  The three grants in Texas include:

Grants in Texas total almost $625,000 with approximately $900,000 in additional matching funds.

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