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An explanation of GCP LCC science & research funding: a partnership process

Date: 07/02/15

The Gulf Coast Prairie LCC process for funding priority landscape conservation research and tools typically occurs annually.  This year’s cycle for soliciting and awarding FY2014/15 funds is well underway.  In December 2014, six Requests for Statements of Interest (SOIs) addressing key data gaps for 6 focal species were released.  They were disseminated broadly to LCC partners and via multiple research networks, including the Gulf Coast Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit affiliated with Texas A&M and other universities.  

The deadline for submitting SOIs was January 31, 2015, and a total of 24 SOIs were received, with at least one in each topic area:

SOIs were assessed and ranked by the same expert Technical Review Teams who developed the Request for SOIs.  The GCP LCC established these teams for the express purpose of guiding research identified as high priority by the LCC’s Science Team.  Invitations for full proposals will be issued to a subset of the project proponents within the next two weeks or so.

Here is the anticipated process going forward:

While the LCC’s funding decision process may vary somewhat from year to year, dependent upon availability as well as evolving science priorities, it is designed to be as collaborative as possible without becoming unwieldy.  It is also the intent of the GCP LCC Steering Committee to make this process as transparent as possible.  If you have any questions concerning this funding process, please contact Cynthia Edwards