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Building Resilience through Actionable Science

Date: 07/20/17

GCP LCC staff, Blair Tirpak and Cynthia Edwards, attended a workshop in Lake Charles on June 6th that was hosted by the USGS and The Nature Conservancy.  The workshop, entitled Building resilience through actionable science: New products to inform how and where land protection can increase coastal resiliency, was focused on sharing new science, demonstrating available tools, and soliciting input from attendees on what they need to improve their decision-making ability. 


There were two primary projects highlighted.  The Open Spaces work is led by Christine Shepard of TNC, and it identifies watersheds across the Gulf coast that are the best targets for strategic land conservation to both reduce flood risk and conserve biodiversity. The second was the Coastal Wetland Migration work, presented by Sinead Borchert, which identified areas where tidal saline wetlands may adapt via landward migration along the northern Gulf of Mexico coast. 


Cynthia Edwards was the guest speaker at the workshop and presented on landscape scale collaboration to design a network of landscapes and seascapes in the southeast, focusing on some of the work done to date through the Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment and the Mottled Duck Decision Support Tool. The workshop was well attended, including several LCC partners from the NRCS, DU, TNC and the FWS Coastal Program. The workshop was the first in a series of four that week with others being held in Biloxi, Mobile, and Pensacola.