The GCP LCC vision is a sustainable landscape of

natural and cultural resources in the Gulf Coast Prairie geography

that is resilient to the threats and stressors associated with

climate and land use changes. 

DU recognizes the conservation science that guides their programs

Date: 03/16/17

When Ducks Unlimited talks about the science underlying their conservation efforts, that’s frequently all that is said – that it’s there. But that science is not something to be taken for granted, and the effort and time it takes to become useable information for guiding conservation programs should be appreciated. Here is one example of the complex path from question to answers, and it prominently features the Gulf Coast Prairie LCC's two Mottled Duck projects: developing a Decision Support Tool to target habitat restoration and evaluation of that tool, to ensure its accuracy.

Read the Ducks Unlimited article: 

Putting science into conservation action:  A Decision Support Tool helps DU target wetland and grassland conservation efforts to benefit nesting and brood-rearing mottled ducks.