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GCP LCC Milestone: Important Study on Landscape Approach to Sea Level Rise and Avian Habitats on Central Texas Coast. Report and Webinar now available

Date: 07/02/15

The GCP LCC encompasses one of the most diverse ecoregions in North America. Developing the science needed to maintain habitat quantity and quality in the face of sea level rise caused by climate change is one of the LCC partners’ highest priorities. Low-lying coastal areas in the ecoregion are particularly at risk, with affects to both human communities and animal species that depend on these habitats as a key component of their life cycles. This priority study, one of the first two science projects funded by the GCP LCC, considers the effects of sea level rise on coastal habitats and birds, such as the endangered whooping crane and aplomado falcon, and potential future impacts on other species, such as grassland birds. The datasets, maps, analyses and recommendations resulting from this study will enable more effective planning and development of landscape-scale conservation measure along the Central Texas coast and in other areas of the ecoregion.