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GCP LCC Request for Statements of Interest - 2017 research

Date: 10/10/16

Project Need: GCP LCC identified focal species and associated habitats to help focus Partnership efforts on priority conservation and associated science needs, including the development of landscape conservation design products that aid decision-making for conservation delivery actions. In order to improve biological planning and landscape conservation design efforts to implement State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPs) for the benefit of LCC focal species, the Partnership requires a process and specific products to ensure a transparent and reproducible framework for future conservation delivery and application. 


Project Description: In close working relationship with the LCC Science Coordinator and GIS Coordinator, develop a scientific Landscape Conservation Design (LCD) process and procedures to ensure a collaborative and iterative planning and modeling of LCC focal species and associated habitats in an identified area. This project will set the stage for further LCD efforts and implementation strategies to aid decision-making for conservation delivery actions (e.g. restoring grassland habitats) by GCP LCC partners.

The activities conducted through this project will at least include: (a) literature review, baseline assessments and summaries, (b) draft Blueprint – Fine Filter maps and tools, (c) Work group and GCP LCC outreach, (d) Facilitate and refine the process through Technical Work Group Meetings, and (e) final report, data, and management recommendations.

Deadline to apply:  Friday, October 21, 2016

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