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Gulf Coast Prairie LCC's Mottled Duck Conservation Project Featured on NPR

Date: 07/02/15

National Public Radio in Texas recently featured the work of Gulf Coast Prairie LCC partners. Partners are developing a computer modeling tool to help prioritize habitat conservation for the mottled duck, an LCC focal species and one of only a few duck species adapted to breeding in southern marshes.

 A major part of the mottled duck population spends its entire life cycle within a relatively small coastal area in eastern Texas and western Louisiana. In recent years, the mottled duck’s habitat and surrounding areas have been compromised by urbanization, agricultural development, and changes to the area’s hydrology affecting coastal wetlands.

 The new tool will help partners target habitat areas that are most likely to boost the duck’s breeding success, at the same time benefitting a dozen other grassland- and wetland-dependent species throughout the area.