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Identifying priority grasslands in south-central United States

Date: 01/15/16

Land conversion and habitat fragmentation threaten grassland habitats throughout the Gulf Coast Prairie (GCP) region, affecting GCP LCC focal species such as the northern bobwhite and eastern Monarch Butterfliesmeadowlark.  A new Grasslands Decision Support Tool developed for the LCC by the Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership and NatureServe will help partners determine the best places to invest limited resources in conserving and restoring grasslands to support self-sustaining wildlife populations.  The tool applies the best available grasslands geospatial data to help identify and prioritize habitat areas so that partners can collaborate on management and restoration more effectively.  LCC partners consulted with the researchers to select two pilot areas for testing and refinement of the tool.  The Oaks & Prairies Joint Venture as well as a coalition of organizations designing a habitat restoration/education/research portfolio for monarch butterfly conservation have already expressed interest in applications of the Grassland DST for their work.

Download the datasets or open the DST in a map in the Grassland Decision Support Tool Gallery on the GCP Conservation Planning Atlas

Access the dynamic tool from the Grasslands project on ScienceBase