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January 2015 Steering Committee meeting summary

Date: 07/02/15

The GCP LCC Steering Committee held its first “face-to-face” meeting of the year January 13-15 in San Marcos, TX.  The committee made the following decisions and tasked itself with a number of follow-up items for completion prior to their June meeting.

New Chair & Vice-Chair
Matt Wagner has been selected as Chair; Jim Giocomo has been selected as Vice-Chair – both appointments effective June 1, 2015. The Chair and Vice-Chair positions are designated with maximum 3-year terms and will be evaluated annually.

Tasks & Actions: in process
1. Executive Advisory Committee:  Those Steering Committee members interested in serving on the Executive Advisory Committee should contact Allison Shipp, who will work with Bill Bartush to evaluate options to fill the vacant position on the Executive Advisory Committee (vacated due to the aforementioned changes in leadership). This item will be discussed on conference calls between now and June 2015.

2. Office Space: Partners will seek to identify if they can provide space and/or technical support (phone, computer) at no cost to the FWS for both the landscape design and the science coordinator positions.  Interested partners please contact Bill Bartush by March 9.  Five partners have offered space for GCP LCC staff at locations in Austin, Norman, Oklahoma City, Corpus Christi, and Lafayette.  

3. Shared staffing:  Partners will look within their organization or agency to identify an individual who could meet the needs of the Landscape Design position.  No partners have yet indicated the ability for a shared position.

4. Private landowners: GCP LCC Staff are directed to bring suggestions to the Steering Committee regarding engagement of private landowner groups in the LCC. Recommendations will include consideration of types of engagement, timing, needs, and expected benefits (for both conservation and landowners). With discussions throughout the spring, a decision for next steps in moving forward is expected in June 2015.

5.  Blueprint: The Science Team was directed to work on the conservation design “blueprint,” and plans to address this item prior to and during their April 21-22 meeting in Ardmore, OK.  Additional working groups were discussed, as was the need to bring the Edwards Plateau Working Group together on a call to determine how best to proceed.

Tasks & Actions: completed
1. Position Descriptions: Matt Wagner, Jim Giocomo, and Rich Kostecke worked on an Ad Hoc Committee to develop the Position Descriptions, Questionnaire, and Job Analysis to better define the LCC’s Landscape Design and Science Coordinator positions.  These have been reviewed by the Executive Advisory Committee, and are being forwarded to the FWS Regional office. 

Mark your calendars
April 21-23: The Science team meets in Ardmore, OK
June 22-25: GCP Steering Committee meets in Athens, TX