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LCC All-Hands Report Out (June 2016)

Date: 06/29/16

During the week of June 20-24 the 22 Landscape Conservation Cooperatives were represented through Coordinators, Science Coordinators and a number of key LCC partners to discuss strategic planning, landscape design and performance measures.  The thorough discussion of the National Academy of Sciences Report on LCCs, and our “collective LCC” response through a revised strategic planning document, were a significant point of discussion and closure.  Consensus was achieved on how to move forward with modified goals and objectives. The inclusion of performance measures in this strategy was paramount to the discussion and final decisions moving forward.  


During the landscape conservation design portion of the meeting, two main topics were discussed: Characteristics of landscape conservation design and Best Practices to employ landscape conservation design.  The outcome was a collective vision of how we as an ecologically connected network of LCCs intend to move forward across North America with landscape conservation designs; our design framework will include 7 essential characteristics to ensure inclusion of both natural and cultural resources.