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Many Key Decisions Made by GCP LCC Steering Committee (June 2016) Move the LCC Forward

Date: 06/29/16

At the GCP LCC Steering Committee business meeting, held subsequent to the joint meeting with the GCPO LCC, members made numerous key decisions (*) that will guide the LCC’s work over the remainder of 2016:




Background: The GCP LCC has four Ad Hoc teams for Strategic Planning: Governance, Collaboration, Communication, and Science. Team leads and staff provided an overview of progress and offered a draft revision of the Operation Plan – for consideration with recommended changes.





Project Recommendations

ACTIONS: Projects in four category areas were recommended by the Science Coordinator, reviewed by the Steering Committee, and these will be refined into specific project proposal requests recommended for funding.


  1. *Foundational Data (integral to landscape conservation design):
  1. *Biological Objectives for the Gulf: 

3.  *Platforming - continue to develop and improve applied data tools:

4.  *Conservation emphasis areas:


Future Science and Conservation Design

The Landscape Conservation Design (LCD) and partners’ needs will be aligned through the GCP LCC’s two LCD processes:

  1. Coarse Filter – complete and package the conservation emphasis design for incorporation into the SECAS Blueprint by fall 2016.
  2. Fine Filter – align with Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Inventory & Monitoring program, developing contexts in:


Background: LCD will continue to be focused on areas identified in the Science Strategy, however, the GCP LCC may capitalize on contexts or opportunities to engage with partners in additional areas.  


National Academy of Science (NAS) Report 

Regional and National Conservation was discussed related to the Revised Goals of the National LCC Strategic Plan Goals, especially as in consideration of a revision of our GCP LCC Goals and Objectives. Key questions concerning the NAS recommendations were posed and discussed.  The Steering Committee agreed to they would work through mid-2017 to outline benchmarks for measuring conservation progress.