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NOLA mayor recognizes climate change

Date: 03/22/16

In the Time Picayune, March 16, 2016, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Wednesday (March 16) urged members of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority to address both the causes and the effects of climate change, which he described as an "existential threat" to the city.

"There is no greater threat to the future of south Louisiana than coastal erosion, and if it ain't there no more ... you can't put up hospitals, build roads, build playgrounds," Landrieu said at the beginning of the authority meeting. "You're not going to have a place to work, not going to have a place to live. You cease to exist.

"Everybody in here has been a great champion of the fact that -- I can see in my sleep -- that we're losing a hundred yards every 45 minutes, now its 43 minutes, now its 30 minutes," Landrieu said. "We've lost  the size of the state of Delaware.

"It's the result of rising sea level, it's the result of hurricanes. It's the result of climate change," he said. "I know that its sacrilege to say the words 'climate change' in Louisiana, but you know what? The climate's changing and human actions are contributing to it. That is a scientific fact."

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