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Oklahoma Ecological Systems Classification and Mapping Project Completed

Date: 10/01/15

State wildlife biologists and other natural resource professionals have recognized the need for accurate current vegetation maps to facilitate conservation planning and management for decades. The Oklahoma Geographic Information Council has pursued avenues to up-date and improve statewide current vegetation maps for at least the five years before this project began.  Thus, the Oklahoma Ecological Systems classification and mapping project was launched in 2012 with initial funding from the ODWC and the Great Plains LCC and Gulf Coast Prairie LCC, and was finished by the summer of 2015. Funding to collect ground data and assist with classification and mapping was provided to the Oklahoma Biological Survey, University of Oklahoma. Funding to complete remote sensing, mapping, and interpretive information was provided to the Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership (MoRAP), University of Missouri. MoRAP was also the primary partner involved in the Texas Ecological Systems mapping project, and used expertise developed during that project to apply toward the Oklahoma project. Key state cooperators (e.g. representatives within the Oklahoma Geographic Information Council) were brought into the process early on via presentations both at a general meeting and at a land cover technical committee meeting.

The high resolution data are now available from Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation: