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Positive Response to GCP LCC Landscape Conservation Design Presentations

Date: 07/02/15

In February, Gulf Coast Prairie staff and partners presented information about landscape conservation design (LCD) at two key wildlife meetings.  At the Oklahoma Natural Resources Conference, over 200 attendees included a receptive mix of state and federal agencies and the NGO community, with strong representation by US FWS refuge staff.  Darrin Unruh (manager on the Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge and Steering Committee member of the GCPO LCC) was impressed with the collaborative nature of the GCP co-presenting material and engaging partners alongside the Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks LCC and the Great Plains LCC.

The Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society Annual Meeting was much larger, and the Landscape Conservation Design venue was attended by up to 100 people per talk.  The standing room crowd "raised the thermometer" by bringing up some valuable questions and activating post-session discussion.  Steve DeMaso, Gulf Coast Joint Venture Monitoring Coordinator, agreed that this discussion was not only timely but very well received.

The momentum continued in March, at a Great Plains LCC meeting, where participants described LCD strategies and discussed integrating watershed management pilot areas with pilot grasslands to create an integrated terrestrial and aquatic landscape conservation design.