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Recap of the Plains & Prairies Conference in Houston

Date: 11/24/15

Ben Kahler, GCP LCC Science Coordinator, and Bill Bartush, GCP LCC Coordinator, were in Houston November 12-14 for the Southern Plains & Prairies Conference.  As part of the planning team for the conference, Ben and Bill moderated session tracks 1 and 2, focused on restoration, landscapes, and economics.  This conference has evolved from a localized perspective to a regional landscape view of prairie grasslands.  A special focus this year was a tie to pollinators and prairie grasslands.  The conference began in 2009 under the moniker State of the Prairie Conference. The first conference was a Houston-centered, one-day event held in Pasadena, Texas and focused on local prairie needs.  Since 2009, Coastal Prairie Partnership and Native Prairies Association of Texas have co-hosted four more prairie conferences with an ever-expanding geographic footprint.  Currently, the Southern Plains & Prairies Conference (encompassing Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas) continues to address the needs of conservationists, landowners, educators, volunteers, and others looking to restore, conserve, and educate about prairie grasslands.

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