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Request for Proposals: Restoring Natural Flow Regimes in the Great Plains

Date: 05/24/16

On behalf of the Great Plains LCC and in partnership with the South Central Climate Science Center, the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) is soliciting proposals for applied research to inform resource management decisions in prairie rivers and streams of the Great Plains. Specifically, they are calling for proposals that address the alteration of natural flow regimes within the context of existing water rights. 

Restoring natural flow regimes in prairie rivers and streams is essential to native fish conservation. However, developing actionable, strategic opportunities for flow restoration requires an understanding of the region's water use and water rights landscape.

Proposals Sought 
In order to develop this understanding and make use of it to inform conservation action in focal watersheds, WMI and the GPLCC are soliciting propsals that: 

1) Inventory, quantify, and assess existing surface and groundwater availability, rights, and patterns of use in the Colorado, Brazos, Canadian and Red River watersheds within the GPLCC boundary and; 

2) Utilize that information to identify and prioritize potential areas of opportunity  focused on current availability of water, water leases, water rights acquisition, and for voluntary incentive-based programs in these watersheds that improve natural flow regimes in these rivers. 

The full proposal description, along with application instructions, can be found here

Project Goals
Ultimately, the outcomes of this research should inform the delivery of aquatic and riparian habitat restoration techniques that improve natural flow regimes, taking into account existing water rights and human use. To ensure the applicability of the project, proposals should include a letter of support from a Great Plains LCC partner describing how the research will directly impact management in one or more of the listed watersheds. 

Application Details
For specific proposal requirements and further details, please refer to the official Proposal Request. 

Proposals must be submitted via email
to no later than
5:00 p.m. MDT on June 13, 2016.

Please forward this opportunity to others in your network, especially those with expertise in water rights, water policy, riparian ecosystems, and/or aquatic species. Proposals will be reviewed by the GPLCC, the WMI, and the South Central Climate Science Center.