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The 2016 SECAS Conservation Leadership Summit

Date: 09/23/16

The 2016 SECAS Conservation Leadership Summit demonstrates how the Vision that the SEAFWA Directors initiated with the Principals in 2011 is taking shape.  The Summit will be held in conjunction with the 70th Annual SEAFWA conference and will occur on Monday October 17th.  The broad objectives of the Summit are to:

Dialogue will focus on challenges and opportunities, organizational options, direction on how best to proceed, expectations for the next five years, and how best to expand the conversation to broader audiences.

SECAS partners have put in place an integrated communications strategy to support the implementation of SECAS beginning in October 2016 at the annual SEAFWA conference in Baton Rouge.  The strategy began with a renewed "Essential Work Area" communications team, which formed in the first quarter of 2016, including state, federal, and NGO members. SECAS communications efforts are anchored by a user-friendly web presence at, established by the team in May 2016.  They have also developed a series of flyers, news, and posters addressing 'why' the development and implementation of SECAS is so important to the 15 states and 12 federal agencies working on conservation across the Southeast.

The team also developed core messaging emphasizing the need to influence the desired future landscape, recognizing current trends to 2060.  In addition, the SECAS Communications team and leadership have established a clear message and outcomes for the SEAFWA Meeting 2016 in Baton Rouge and developed SECAS communications packets targeted to SEAFWA, SNRLG, & SARP audiences.