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Three NAWCA grants awarded November 2014 are funding wetland protection and restoration in the GCP region and border region of Louisiana

Date: 07/02/15

A total of $24.6 million in funding was approved for 24 NAWCA projects on November 13, 2014. Project partners are contributing $57.5 million in matching funds to affect 130,758 acres of habitat. 

In the GCP and Louisiana, the following projects were approved:

This project will protect and restore 30,239 acres of wetlands in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin, where marsh habitats have been lost due to sea level rise, severe weather, and development. This area supports breeding Wood Ducks, Black-bellied Whistling Ducks, and Mottled Ducks, as well as wintering waterfowl. The 30,084 acres of protected land, adjacent to Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge, will be managed as part of the refuge after they are acquired. Another 155 acres currently overrun with invasive Chinese tallow will be planted and restored to natural vegetation types, hardwood forest and bald cypress swamp.

This project will restore 1,254 acres of coastal marsh and 130 acres of sand dunes in southeast Louisiana. Approximately 75% of the marsh vegetation in the project area has died. The restoration will restore native plant communities using terraces. Marsh terraces use existing soil to create long, linear segments of marsh that are aligned to reduce the effect of erosion, resulting in calm water that promotes the growth of aquatic vegetation. This will create migration and wintering habitat for priority waterfowl and as many as 40 species of other wetland birds, along with alligators, shrimp, blue craps, and other animals.

This project will protect 4,950 acres encompassing Wham Brake, a water body northeast of Monroe, Louisiana. The grantee will enhance 3,597 acres of the protected area, which will be permanently held by the state, allowing public access for hunting and fishing. The grantee will restore water flows to the area by repairing water management infrastructure, which will improve water quality and flood control for local communities as well. The improved habitat will benefit tens of thousands of birds, particularly dabbling ducks and migrating shorebirds.