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"To Bridge a Gap" meeting hosted by Choushatta Tribe of Louisiana

Date: 04/18/16

Louisiana's Wetland and Aquatic Research Center (WARC) Participates in Choushatta Tribe Meeting


WARC Deputy Director Thomas Doyle and Ecologist Kate Spear and Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative Coordinator Bill Bartush, along with USGS staff, participated in the 15th Annual “To Bridge a Gap” meeting hosted by the Choushatta Tribe of Louisiana in Kinder, Louisiana, on April 11 – 14. The program is a joint partnership between the National Forest Service and federally recognized tribal governments. It is designed to strengthen government-to-government relationships and aims to protect and manage important cultural and natural resources. USGS WARC attendees met with various agency representatives and tribal liaisons to learn more about the tribal science needs, funding opportunities, and student recruitment programs where USGS capacity fits with safeguarding tribal natural and cultural resources.  The outcome was a plan to develop a working group of indigenous Gulf Coast communities to inform, educate and ultimately develop resiliency plans for a sustainable coast. (Thomas Doyle; Lafayette, La.; 337-266-8647)


WARC Hosts “To Bridge a Gap” Follow-Up Meeting


USGS WARC Ecologist Kate Spear and Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative Coordinator Bill Bartush hosted a meeting on April 14 following the “To Bridge a Gap” conference to discuss ongoing tribal work, collaboration, and future opportunities at WARC-Lafayette with South Central Climate Science Center Sustainability Scientist April Taylor, RESTORE Council Director of Tribal Relations David Elliot, Assistant Executive Director of Research for Louisiana Sea Grant Matt Bethel, and others. (Kate Spear, Lafayette, La., 337-266-8645)