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Urban Monarch Conservation "Building Up"

Date: 11/02/17

The Field Museum's Keller Science Action Center, with support from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, is developing resources to assist communities taking action to save the monarch butterfly. 


Urban spaces provide important habitat for monarchs, birds, and other pollinators and community conservation efforts help connect people to nature.  We want to support you as you share the importance of conservation in backyards, shared green spaces, and beyond.


In 2016, the Field Museum started developing urban monarch conservation tools by working in four metropolitan areas, including St. Paul-Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City and Austin. The resulting Urban Conservation Guidebook uses a combined social-ecological approach to engage citizens and decision makers with strategic pollinator habitat planning, and GIS mapping tools assist in identifying habitat with the greatest potential for additional milkweed stems. The tools can be found at


Together these resources provide:



If you are someone who works on grasslands, urban conservation, monarch butterflies or other pollinators, please consider using these tools.  Thank you to those of you who have already implemented them and given the museum your feedback. The Field Museum needs more insight into what is working and where efforts can improve.  Your feedback will help refine and make them as effective as possible for the growing urban monarch community of conservation. If you have questions or suggestions about ways to improve these tools, please get in touch with Abigail Derby Lewis, project manager for the Urban Monarch Conservation Design.


The Field Museum will continue working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and other partners to expand the network of urban community conservation practitioners. We may be in touch with you about opportunities to engage with us and with other community practitioners.

Abigail Derby Lewis, Ph.D.
Senior Conservation Ecologist
Senior Program Manager, Chicago Region
Keller Science Action Center