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USFWS announces Ben Kahler as Co-Lead of its East Texas/Oklahoma Emphasis Area Team

Date: 03/15/17

Through the Emphasis Area approach, the USFWS Southwest Region is prioritizing resources for the greatest return on its conservation investment. Ben Kahler will join Adam Zerrenner as Co-lead of the East Texas/Oklahoma Emphasis Area Team.  Ben is a Fish and Wildlife Biologist in Science Applications and is the Science Coordinator for the Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative. Ben is stationed with over 100 other federal and state scientists at the USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center on the research campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He has extensive experience in modeling, spatial analysis, and coordination. Among his many tasks, he coordinates and works with teams of technical experts across Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma to define, design, and deliver a vision for sustainable landscape conservation across the region.


Ben earned a B.S. in natural resource management and a B.A. in anthropology from The Ohio State University before serving in the U.S. Peace Corps in Vanuatu where he collaborated with private landowners and government agencies to strengthen food and livelihood security in rural communities and establish the country’s largest land management area. Returning to Ohio State after his service, he earned an M.S. studying landscape habitat associations of breeding rails and bitterns. Whether in the field with farmers and land managers or in the office with scientists and landscape planners, Ben has a passion for working with others to lead and facilitate change towards a shared vision. 


Please welcome Ben into his new role.  If you have any questions for Ben or would like to get involved with the East Texas/Oklahoma Emphasis Area Team or its projects, please feel free to contact him or Adam Zerrenner.  



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