The GCP LCC vision is a sustainable landscape of

natural and cultural resources in the Gulf Coast Prairie geography

that is resilient to the threats and stressors associated with

climate and land use changes. 

LCC Funding

Whenever LCC funding is available for science projects—typically once each year in the fall—the Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative announces it through its website, subscriber list, and partner organizations.  Gulf Coast Prairie research priorities have been identified by the Steering Committee and the LCC Science Team in the course of developing the LCC's Science Strategy.  

Science projects are pursued in a few main ways: 1) Gulf Coast Prairie LCC provides funding through cooperative agreements for others to conduct research projects; 2) LCC staff develop projects in-house, and 3) LCC staff collaborate closely with partners who fund projects, such as U.S. Geological Survey Climate Science Centers. 

View or download the 2016 Request for SOI, due Oct 21, 2016

Technical Review Teams

For LCC-funded science projects, the process begins with a Technical Review Team (TRT) typically composed of 3 to 5 individuals who have specialized knowledge and expertise related to the current science priorities, including an understanding of partners’ interests and desired outcomes.

The TRT helps prepare a Request for Statements of Interest or Request for Proposals, evaluates responses, and reviews draft cooperative agreements. Once projects are underway, the team reviews quarterly progress reports to help ensure projects are moving toward the desired outcomes and within the schedule and terms of the cooperative agreements. Finally, the team reviews the final deliverables upon completion of science projects.

Science Project Announcements & Advertising

The Wildlife Management Institute and the Gulf Coast Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU) maintain and actively update a listing of natural resource professionals and CESU member institutions that are potential applicants for grant funds.

CESU announces opportunities on GC-CESU website

WMI Advertises on Pivot - and therefore gain access to over 3 million scholars - faculty, staff researchers and graduate students. Additional information about Pivot is below.

For a full description, view/download our summary of the Project Advertising process

Steering Committee responsibility

All LCC science projects help meet the priorities of the GCP Steering Committee, ensuring partners have the most important science and technology they need for landscape-scale conservation.  Technical Review Teams and staff make recommendations for projects to the Gulf Coast Prairie LCC Steering Committee, which has ultimate responsibility for recommending projects.  The Steering Committee can also recommend key personnel or experts to participate in the Technical Review Teams.  

Requests for Statements of Interest

2017 Request for Statements of Interest, Due Oct 21, 2016 (closed)