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GCP LCC Webinar: A Monarch's View of the City: Urban Monarch landscape conservation design

Date/Time: 12:00 PM, 6/1/2016


Research results from an effort led by the Monarch Conservation Science Partnership indicates that stabilizing monarch populations requires a conservation strategy across all land types to adequately minimize extinction risk. With over 80% of people living in urban areas, the Science Partnership believes there are unprecedented opportunities in cities to connect people with nature through monarch and pollinator conservation.

To work in urban areas, we need to understand: the potential number of milkweed stems urban areas can sustain; where to focus our urban conservation efforts to achieve the best social and ecological results; and how to engage various urban sectors in this conservation. The Urban Monarch Landscape Conservation Design (LCD) Project addresses all of these questions. 

This project aims to develop:


Mark Johnston, Ph.D., of the Chicago Field Museum has a doctorate in Ecology and works as the Geographic Information Manager for the Keller Science Action Center. He is the Geospatial team leader who coordinates the work of team members, develops the methodology and workflow, assists the development of models, and publishes and administers the online interactive maps and geospatial tools. Johnston brings expertise in ecology, ethnographic data collection, and vegetation mapping using remote sensing technology.

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