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GCP LCC Webinar: Canadian River Ecological Streamflows and Climate Projections

Date/Time: 12 Noon CDT, Wednesday, September 2, 2015


This webinar was about the Canadian River project funded by the South Central Climate Science Center. This project is evaluating long-term time trends in streamflow, surface-water quality, and aquatic ecology to project changes in those metrics that may occur with future climate change.

Presenter:  Bill Andrews, Director of the USGS Oklahoma Water Science Center.

Bill has worked for the USGS since 1988 in Florida, Minnesota, and Oklahoma on a variety of water-resource topics, including trends in water availability and water-quality. Bill has a BSc from the College of William and Mary (Geology), an MSc from Northern Illinois (Geology), and a PhD from the University of Oklahoma (Environmental Science). Bill will be assisted by Dr. Baxter Vieux, a long-time Professor of Water Resources at the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science at the University of Oklahoma and the principal of Vieux and Associates, Inc., a water-resource modeling consulting firm. 

View the recorded Canadian River presentation

Download a pdf of the Canadian River presentation