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GCP LCC Webinar: GCP LCC Webinar - Improved spatial data and advanced applications: Efforts for grasslands in the Gulf Coast Prairie

Date/Time: 12:00 PM, 3/2/2016



Knowing what you did is a whole lot easier than knowing what everyone else did. 

Partners of the Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) and many others are delivering conservation actions to maintain, enhance, and restore grasslands across the landscape. However, these collective efforts are largely kept within separate computer systems (e.g. databases). This prevents us as a community of conservation-driven actors from leveraging our expertise and dampens our ability to decide and act in ways that increase the effectiveness and efficacy of conservation deliveries.

Ben Kahler will give an overview of the past and current efforts the LCC has devoted to addressing three partner-identified needs related to grassland systems: 1) landcover data 2) decision-support tools, and 3) monitoring and evaluation of conservation actions. He will emphasize the Grassland Management Inventory Tool (GMIT), an online and neutral data-sharing platform for grasslands including aspects of grassland condition and management history. Ben will also describe how the Oaks and Prairies Joint Venture is using GMIT to inventory grassland habitat actions for birds and pollinators delivered through their land owner incentive program on private lands, current LCC efforts to expand GMIT to include attributes related to pollinators, and how the LCC intends to demonstrate the value of GMIT to a broader community of users.


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