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GCP LCC Webinar: Tools and Techniques for Inventorying, Assessing, and Managing the Data for Springs Ecosystems

Date/Time: 12:00 PM, 11/4/2015


A long-term partnership between Dr. Larry Stevens and Jeri Ledbetter at the Museum of Northern Arizona and Dr. Abe Springer at Northern Arizona University has resulted in the formation of the Springs Stewardship Institute.  We will briefly review the tools SSI has developed for inventorying and assessing springs ecosystems and the new Springs Online database. We will then describe how recent enhancement of these tools and techniques for projects for the Desert and Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperatives can be translated to stewardship of springs ecosystems of the Edwards Plateau in the Gulf Coast Prairie LCC.


Dr. Abe Springer is a Professor of Hydrogeology and Ecohydrology in the School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability at Northern Arizona University.  Dr. Springer and his students study local and regional groundwater flow systems and human impacts on them; apply principles of sustainability to aquifer management through models; quantify the hydrological function of groundwater dominated ecosystems, the role of land-use change and disturbance on groundwater flow systems, and restoration of riparian ecosystems.  Most of these studies are interdisciplinary and consist of a mix of field and lab work, and basic and applied research.  He has collaborated with ecologists, botanists, plant physiologists, foresters, land managers, engineers, and many different sub-disciplines within the Earth Sciences.

Dr. Larry Stevens is the Executive Director of the Springs Stewardship Institute at the Museum of Northern Arizona.  With over 40 years of field and research experience, Larry Stevens and Jeri Ledbetter developed a repository of relevant literature and protocols to advance springs stewardship. As part of this initiative, SSI developed Springs Online©, a publicly available and ever-growing database relating geological, physical, biological, and socio-cultural information on springs throughout the world.

Jeri Ledbetter is the Program Manager of the Springs Stewardship Institute at the Museum of Northern Arizona.  Jeri Ledbetter is the Program Manager for SSI. She holds a Masters in Geographic Information Systems from Pennsylvania State University and is the head developer of Springs Online. She has conducted springs research for SSI as well as consulted for Northern Arizona University. She is also a well respected member of the Grand Canyon river runner community. 



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