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    Chenier Plain

    Chenier Plain Gulf Coast salt & brackish tidal marsh
    Courtesy of Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.

High Resolution Land Cover for the Chenier Plain of Louisiana

Formal Title: High Resolution Land Cover for the Chenier Plain of Louisiana

Research Focus:

Conservation & Management Challenges:

The Gulf Coast Prairie LCC has initiated efforts to improve biological planning and landscape conservation design with a focus on implementing State Wildlife Plans (SWAPs) for the benefit of focal species and pollinators. To facilitate landscape conservation planning the GCP LCC has supported land cover data projects as well as refining a platform for grassland planning, inventory, and monitoring (G-MIT). These data are shared nationally through ScienceBase and the GCP Conservation Planning Atlas and used to inform the LCC’s Grassland Decision Support Tool. While this work has been limited to parts of Texas and Oklahoma there is great interest and need to create high resolution, seamless and consistent land cover data for the Chenier Plain of Louisiana and Texas. These data will improve ongoing efforts to create a grassland land cover data set and will integrate with research and monitoring efforts such as the Gulf of Mexico Avian Monitoring Network, USGS pollinator survey, and Monarch conservation planning efforts.   


Research Overview:

This project will supplement and build on a current EPA funded project to map the historic range of Coastal Prairie in Louisiana. As a multi-state effort, it will produce seamless and consistent land cover data, bridging the data resources for Louisiana and Texas that are fully compatible for planning and modeling purposes.  The aim is to improve habitat conservation and management efforts for SWAP species of greatest conservation need, GCP LCC focal species, and pollinator species. 

Final deliverables include:

1. High resolution, seamless and consistent land cover data for the Chenier Plain of Texas and Louisiana

2. A refined platform for grassland inventory and monitoring (G-MIT) with data derived from validation data

3. Data products and associated metadata will be processed, reviewed and made freely available via online viewers (e.g. GCP Conservation Planning Atlas) and data servers (e.g. ScienceBase).


View or download the High resolution LA landcover datasets from ScienceBase.


A gallery of High Resolution Landcover for the Chenier Plain of LA is also available on the GCP LCC Conservation Planning Atlas 


This is a 1-year project scheduled for completion in September 2017.  The Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative is funding this project.


Principal Investigators:  Larry Allain, U.S. Geological Survey,; Steve Hartley, USGS, steve; and Craig Conzelmann, USGS,


Landscape Conservation Cooperative Point-of-Contact: Bill Bartush, Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative, National Wetlands Research Center, 700 Cajundome Boulevard, Lafayette, LA 70506  


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