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Identifying priority grasslands in the south-central United States

Formal Title: Grassland Decision Support Tool

Research Focus: Grassland habitats of the south-central United States

Conservation & Management Challenges:

Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative partners need new computer models to help address threats to grassland habitats, such as land conversion and habitat fragmentation, affecting LCC focal species such as the northern bobwhite and eastern meadowlark. These tools will help partners determine the best places to invest limited resources in conserving and restoring grasslands to support self-sustaining wildlife populations.

Research Overview:

Developing this science is a priority for the Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative. The project involves developing a computer modeling tool using the best available geospatial data to help identify and prioritize habitat areas so that partners can collaborate more effectively. Two pilot areas will be identified through partner consultations to test and refine the tools. This project complements another Gulf Coast Prairie LCC project related to developing Best Management Practices for land managers and private landowners in southwestern Oklahoma and central Texas to conserve grassland-shrublands prairie habitat.


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The 2-year project was initiated in 2014 and completed in 2015. It was funded by the Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative.


Principal Investigator: David D. Diamond, Ph.D., Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership (MoRAP), School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri, 4200 New Haven Road, Columbia, MO 65201; and Patrick J. Comer, NatureServe, 2108 55th Street, Suite 220, Boulder, CO 80301.


Landscape Conservation Cooperative Point-of-Contact: Bill Bartush, Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative, National Wetlands Research Center, 700 Cajundome Boulevard, Lafayette, LA 70506

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