Conservation Partners connecting working lands conservation from the Gulf of Mexico to the High Plains with the vision of a sustainable landscape of natural resources resilient to the threats and stressors associated with our changing world.

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What We Do

Gulf Coast Prairie LCC Coverage Map

The main idea behind the creation of a network of Partners is to ensure that the conservation community and other partners with common goals have the science they need to support a modernized approach to conservation.

The SGP partnership has two main functions:

  1. To provide the science and technical expertise to support conservation planning at landscape scales—beyond the reach and resources of any one organization, and
  2. To promote more effective collaboration among partners in defining shared conservation goals.

The work is characterized by:

  • a high level of collaboration, drawing from a variety of disciplines;
  • creative leveraging of public and private sector resources;
  • a focus on priorities most likely to result in self-sustaining wildlife populations indicative of healthy ecosystems;
  • forecasting and planning for significant future changes to ecological conditions; and
  • the application of the best available science, particularly GIS technology and climate science.

The collaborative science helps inform the decisions partners make in identifying where and how they will take action, within their own authorities and organizational priorities, to best contribute to a broader conservation effort and accomplish more lasting results.

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