The GCP LCC vision is a sustainable landscape of

natural and cultural resources in the Gulf Coast Prairie geography

that is resilient to the threats and stressors associated with

climate and land use changes. 

Jan 2016 GCP LCC Steering Committee face-to-face

Date: 01/12/16 - 01/14/16


The GCP LCC Steering Committee met face-to-face on January 12-14, 2016 in Lafayette, Louisiana at the USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center (WARC) – EHCFC complex on the north Campus of University of Louisiana - Lafayette.

Final documents and notes

Jan 2016 Steering Committee meeting summary

Jan 2015 Steering Committee meeting attendance

2011-2015 GCP LCC Partner Contributions poster

Report card template


Meeting Materials & Presentations

View the one-page final agenda

Detailed day 2 agenda

Detailed day 3 agenda

Welcome & overview by Ken Rice and Tom Doyle

Gulf Coast Prairie "report card" from 2015

Overview & recap of Day 3: planned outcomes, science support, tasks

SECAS leadership talking points

Louisiana Sea Grant overview, presentation by Robert Twilley

A View from the Gulf Coast: adding up, presentation by John Tirpak