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Jan 2017 GCP LCC Steering Committee face-to-face meeting

Date: 01/10/17 - 01/12/17


Hold the date for the next Gulf Coast Prairie face-to-face Steering Committee meeting, to be held in Kingsville, TX. 


Agendas, Notes, Tasks & Actions

View or download the detailed 3-day agenda

Final notes, tasks, and actions from Jan 2017


Handouts & Materials

Oaks & Prairies JV Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) proposal approved for Texas & Oklahoma

Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) - Investing in Texas Summary

Poster: Quantifying Future Urban Development and Habitat Loss for Northern Bobwhite in Texas

Letter of support for LCC from Sporting Organizations

SECAS Summit Talking Points

Meeting attendance 



Overview of GCP LCC Business - presentation by Bill Bartush

Gulf Coast Prairie Communications Issues - presented by Aislinn Maestas and Gregg Elliott


Landscape Conservation - Applying Social Science in Conservation (Human Dimensions)

Beyond Traditional Thinking: The importance of understanding scale for wildlife conservation - Leonard A. Brennan

Human Landscape Assessment for Grassland Restoration- presented by Jon Hayes

The Agricultural Conservation Easement: A tool to reduce fragmentation and help save family lands - presented by Ken Cearley

Reinvigorating the Gulf Coast Prairie LCC Human Dimensions Working Group - presented by Cynthia Edwards


Landscape Conservation Design: Integrating Focal Species & Priority Landscape Design

Impacts of Habitat Fragmentation on Northern Bobwhites in the Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative

- presented by Humberto Perotto-Baldivieso

What has genetics taught us about the importance of Bobwhite dispersal? - presented by Randy W. DeYoung

Mottled Duck DST: Nesting Habitat - presented by Anastasia Krainyk


Conservation Delivery & Monitoring

Ecological Differences of Native & Exotic Grasslands - presented by Forrest S. Smith

Improving Landcover: Grassland Tools & Data - presented by Amie Treuer-Kuehn

Filling the Gaps & Moving Forward: Opportunities to improve Data, Tools & Capacity for Grassland Delivery - presented by Ben Kahler





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