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FY2016 Science Support Partnership & Quick Response Program Funding

Date: 07/02/15

Proposals are being accepted for the FY 2016 Science Support Partnership (SSP) and Quick Response Program (QRP) through COB Friday, June 5, 2015. SSP and QRP funds are annually made available by the USGS for work on research and information needs identified by the USFWS. For FY 2016, approximately $287,051 is available for new SSP projects and $50,000 for QRP projects (subject to USGS assessments and rescissions).

View or download instructions for submitting proposals.

Interim and final reports are required and should be submitted to Science Applications Executive Assistant ( If interim and/or final reports have not been received on projects funded in prior years, new proposals from the same Principal Investigator and/or USFWS staff may be disqualified from consideration.

SSP:  Through the SSP program, the USGS collaborates with the USFWS to understand and provide the critical science information required to effectively manage our nation's resources.  SSP funding can extend up to 3 years, involve both experimental research and technical assistance. For more information on SSP, go to

QRP:  Through QRP, the USGS provides funds to its scientists to respond quickly to immediate, current year research and technical assistance needs for the USFWS.  QRP funding can only be used for <18 month projects with a maximum budget of $25,000.

For both SSP and QRP, project proposals are submitted by USFWS staff (project officer) to meet USFWS needs.  Project proposals are developed jointly with a USGS scientist or principal investigator. The USGS scientist or principal investigator spends the money and leads the work, however, the USFWS project officer remains involved throughout the life of the project.