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GCP Science Team: Projects, data, science plan & membership

Date: 09/21/17

The Science Team of the Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GCP) met on September 6-7. The meeting was originally planned as an in-person meeting at Kerr Wildlife Management Area (Hunt, TX) hosted by Dr. Preston Bean (TPWD); however, the meeting was changed to a series of four remote webinar sessions due to regional impacts from and responses to Hurricane Harvey. Thirteen individuals participated including six Science Team members, three invited guests, the Chair of the LCC Steering Committee, and five LCC support staff.

Navigating Transformational Change:

Science Projects:

Data Management and Documentation:

Drafting a Science Plan for the GCP:

Science Team membership:

GCP develops the science resources its partners need to carry out their conservation efforts on-the-ground. The GCP science coordinator and science team greatly support the GCP coordinator and steering committee, advising them of partners’ collective science needs and priorities. They also keep the coordinator and steering committee apprised of progress in the development of science projects. The GCP Science Team Charter calls for 9 to 15 members. As is the case with any team or workgroup, people come and go over time for many different reasons. As of 10 May, 2017, we have ten current members and up to four vacant spots on our Science Team. Based on discussions with current and former members of the Science Team and others, and given the current and planned efforts for our partnership (i.e., LCD Pilot), the GCP requires expertise in ecology of freshwater and marine mussels, landscape ecology (broad integration of terrestrial and aquatic systems), monitoring and evaluation of conservation delivery, and water resources. We look forward to adding members to the Science Team in the near future to maintain and enhance the work of the GCP.