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Interior unveils regional reorganization plan

Date: 01/21/18

Posted on January 17, 2018

A map of the new common regional boundaries proposed by DOI.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has moved one step closer to solidifying his plans for on-the-ground reorganization of the Department of the Interior.

These plans, outlined in a meeting last week to the department’s senior career officials, known as the Senior Executive Service, would break all Interior agencies into the same 13 administrative regions.

This would be a major departure from current regional operations. The nine agencies within Interior each currently operate separate and unique regional structures. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, for example, manages its operations out of eight regional offices. The Bureau of Land Management runs 12 state-based offices.

According to an email sent by Todd Wynn, DOI’s Director of the Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs, the goal of doing away with these disparate regional structures is to “reduce administrative redundancy, share resources more effectively, improve coordination among federal, state and local agencies, improve interagency coordination, drive more decisions to be made at the regional level rather than in Washington D.C., and facilitate joint problem-solving.”


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