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The Edwards to the Gulf Landscape Conservation Design meeting

Date: 12/13/17

From November 28th to November 30th, 32 participants from 15 agencies and organizations met to plan the development of a Landscape Conservation Design for focal species within the Guadalupe, San Antonio and Lower Colorado River watersheds. A suite of draft products (e.g., viability assessment of conservation targets, rating of direct threats) produced by the LCD core team over the past few months was presented, and workshop participants provided feedback on their accuracy and relevance. Participants then split up into breakout groups focused on major aspects of the LCD: management/restoration of tallgrass prairies, allocation/hydrology of freshwater resources, land loss mitigation/adaptation for tidal wetlands, and addressing residential development and subdivision of large ranches. Each group discussed and elaborated on a list of conservation strategies derived from a review of partner planning documents, and then ranked each strategy by potential impact, technical feasibility, and financial feasibility. Each group then selected two strategies for which to develop results chains and draft action plans, and shared their results in plenary.

Last, feedback was solicited on what exactly participants would like to see in the final spatial products and Conservation Blueprint to be developed over the next year. The next steps are to (1) send out a more detailed report on the results of the workshop, (2) revise the draft products based on participant feedback and continued outreach to relevant experts and stakeholders, (3) develop an outline of the Conservation Blueprint and associated spatial products, and (4) build a draft Conservation Blueprint before soliciting stakeholder feedback in a series of webinars.