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Climate Science


The DOI Climate Adaptation Science Centers (CASCs) form a national network, and are coordinated by the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center, located at the headquarters of Interior's U.S. Geological Survey. CASCs have been created to address the impacts of climate change on America’s waters, land, and other natural and cultural resources. CASCs will assess the impacts of climate change and other landscape-scale stressors that typically extend beyond the borders of any single national wildlife refuge, national park or Bureau of Land Management unit and will identify strategies to ensure that resources across landscapes are resilient in the face of climate change.  This includes assessing climate change impacts on both natural and cultural resources and the development of adaptive management and other decision support tools for managers.

Two CASCs provide expertise and engagement within the Southern Great Plains geography

NOAA Regional Climate Partnerships provide integrated science, climate data and information products, as well as partnership building efforts to support local, state, tribal, and federal entities seeking to manage climate- and weather-related risks.  NOAA's Regional Integrated Sciences & Assessments (RISA) program supports research teams that help expand and build the nation’s capacity to prepare for and adapt to climate variability and change, while Regional Climate Service Directors help link people to expertise and data.

NOAA's Climate Partnerships in the Southeast

The USDA Climate Hubs were established in February of 2014 to deliver science-based knowledge, practical information and program support to farmers, ranchers, forest landowners, and resource managers to support climate-informed decision-making in light of the increased risks and vulnerabilities associated with a changing climate.

The USDA's Regional Climate Hubs in the Southeast

Download a factsheet explaining organizational roles re: Coordinating regional support for natural resource management in a changing environment.


Regional Reports and Research

2013 Southwest Climate Change Assessment

National Reports and Research

Rising to the Urgent Challenge Climate Change Strategy from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
National Fish, Wildlife, and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy
2013 Draft National Climate Assessment from the Global Change Research Program

Global Reports and Research

2007 Fourth Assessment Report on Climate Change from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPCC Fifth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2013


The following are links to other leading organizations that have extensive information on climate change:

Regional Information

Climate Assessment for the Southwest
Southwest Climate Science Center
South Central Climate Science Center
North Central Climate Science Center
Southeast Climate Science Center

National Information

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Conservation in a Changing Climate website
U.S. Department of the Interior Climate Science Centers
U.S. Global Change Research Program Resource Library

Global Information

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change